Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hi everyone ...

Sorry it's been about 3 months since I've updated last. I would love to say that my life is so unbelievably crazy and I just don't have time to write anything, but alas, that is not the case.

This summer was so much fun! I love Ontario and really do not every want to move back home again. I'm really starting to see this as my home, the only need I need now is my own place. And hopefully .. that will happen sooner rather than later.

I still can not find a damn job. I've been applying like crazy but because I do not have any business experience, it makes it really hard for companies to hire me. They usually want 2-5 years of experience and it just sucks .. big time. How am I supposed to gain experience if no one will hire me?! It's so frustrating and my current retail job is giving me like 10 hours a week .. not cool at all.

I love that my blog is usually just me ranting about everything. That's enough of that for right now. Here's a video that me and Tara made the other night/morning at 6am. We were bored .. and not tired at all. Something is wrong with us, haha.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not fair

"well I lie here in the wet patch in the middle of the bed
I'm feeling pretty damn hard done by, I spent ages giving head
then I remember all the nice things that you've ever said to me
maybe I'm just overreacting, maybe your the one for me"
lily allen - not fair

Oh, Lily Allen, you (or your writers I should say) know how to write songs about my life. This song reminds me of my life, for reals.

Sorry for not being around lately, I don't think there's a whole lot of people who read this but I've been busy lately. As in, twittering too much, graduating, moving back to the GTA, then back to NB and then back to the GTA again. But now I'm back here for good (hopefully). I'll probably go home around Christmas time to make my mom happy and then maybe a slightly better vacation. But I've decided to no longer talk about it as I don't want to jinx it and I need this to happen so bad it's sick.

I guess I'll try to update more often!
<3 B

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

msn conversation

Amy and I just had the funniest msn convo ever. We took it way too far, sooo many times and I love it. haha Enjoy : )

Amy... says: (1:10:42 AM)
yeahh umm hm im soo sick of ur bullshiit
Bradley... says: (1:10:51 AM)
pardon. me.
Bradley... says: (1:11:01 AM)
you are so not getting lippy with me
Bradley... says: (1:11:10 AM)
not now. not after all i've been through
Amy... says: (1:11:10 AM)
oh i think i am
Bradley... says: (1:11:51 AM)
this pregnancy hasn't been easy on me, you know! my body's huge, my thighs are massive, i get weird cravings and all you do is hang around and go on youtube. 
Bradley... says: (1:12:04 AM)
you need to put more effort into this.
Bradley... says: (1:12:08 AM)
Bradley... says: (1:12:14 AM)
i'm keeping the baby.
Amy... says: (1:12:27 AM)
ur not my first or my last
Bradley... says: (1:13:02 AM)
Amy... says: (1:13:40 AM)
how do you even know its mine, i know youve been sluttin around, people talk in this town
Bradley... says: (1:13:51 AM)
okay, don't even go there.
Bradley... says: (1:13:57 AM)
you don't know shit
Amy... says: (1:14:00 AM)
i am going there
Bradley... says: (1:14:07 AM)
this is your fucking baby, okay.
Amy... says: (1:14:25 AM)
untill we go see maurie dont be saying shit to e
Amy... says: (1:14:25 AM)
Bradley... says: (1:14:25 AM)
she/he kicks like a mother fucker, and so do you. it's yours.
Bradley... says: (1:14:40 AM)
okay, listen!! there's no need to bring Maurie into this!!!
Amy... says: (1:14:59 AM)
you fucked maurie didnt ya!!!!???!
Bradley... says: (1:15:56 AM)
Bradley... says: (1:16:03 AM)
Jenna told you, didn't she.
Bradley... says: (1:16:06 AM)
that fucking CUNT
Bradley... says: (1:16:11 AM)
ima shoot that bitch UPPP
Amy... says: (1:16:44 AM)
dont bring her into this it me and u bitchh soo
Bradley... says: (1:16:55 AM)
Bradley... says: (1:17:14 AM)
it's your baby and you'll be paying child support out your ass for the next 18 years, so have fun with that mother fucker.
Amy... says: (1:17:35 AM)
we're taking this to court bitch and imma win
Bradley... says: (1:17:46 AM)
yeah? yeah? gonna go all coked out again?
Amy... says: (1:17:51 AM)
all my moneyy will be going to hookers and booze
Bradley... says: (1:18:01 AM)
have fun with that. why don't you bring your drug dealer as your witness.
Amy... says: (1:18:10 AM)
maybe i willl
Amy... says: (1:18:12 AM)
maybe i willl
Bradley... says: (1:18:15 AM)
Bradley... says: (1:18:21 AM)
i know you've been fucking him anyway
Amy... says: (1:18:21 AM)
your going down biatchh
Amy... says: (1:18:34 AM)
wtffffffffffff??! bitchchh what u sayingg
Bradley... says: (1:18:42 AM)
Bradley... says: (1:18:50 AM)
so you can shut the fuck up.
Amy... says: (1:18:53 AM)
Bradley... says: (1:19:04 AM)
i was reallly hoping i wasn't going to ahve to pull that card, but apparently i did.
Amy... says: (1:19:11 AM)
you will shut the fuck up when i shove my dick down ur throat
Bradley... says: (1:19:27 AM)
baby, stop it. you're turning me on ;)
Bradley... says: (1:19:35 AM)
(hahahaha, funniest msn convo i've ever had)
Bradley... says: (1:19:36 AM)
Amy... says: (1:19:48 AM)
hahahhahaha i knoww im actually pissing my pants hahahha
Bradley... says: (1:19:53 AM)
hahahah me tooooo
Bradley... says: (1:19:54 AM)
Amy... says: (1:19:58 AM)
we took it to far hahaa
Bradley... says: (1:19:58 AM)
i'm saving this shit.
Amy... says: (1:20:03 AM)
doo itt upp ahhaa
Bradley... says: (1:20:05 AM)
too far, soo many times. haha
Bradley... says: (1:20:08 AM)
i'm going to blog it.
Amy... says: (1:20:13 AM)
Amy... says: (1:20:15 AM)
i love uu

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm currently doing a sales project where my partner and I have to go out into the city to approach businesses to purchase signage for the local ball field and wow ... what a rush! It makes me sounds like a huge loser, but wow. It feels so great making a sale, an actual sale. We made two for sure sales yesterday and 2 almost sales and 2 maybe sales and I'm so excited about it! It's not something I can see myself doing forever or even in the future but it's so exciting and really fun!

I'll be posting hopefully more regularly coming up. I know I've been kind of slacking but I need to get back into the swing of things.